Saturday, 19 October 2013

Van Vicker and wife Adjoa celebrate 20 years together

Nollywood (or is it Ghollywood) hunk Van Vicker is celebrating his
10th wedding anniversary with his wife Adjoa.

It’s actually been 20 years since the couple have been together. The actor says he met his wife in 1993 but wedded her in 2003.

‘It’s my 10th wedding anniversary today, yeeaaaa. I pray the lord grants me many, many, more years in marriage with my wife, Adjoa Van Vicker. Amen‘, Van Vicker wrote on his Facebook page.

The couple have three children together -  J’dyl, J-ian and a son Vj.

Van and Adjoa Vicker in 1995
Van Vicker, his wife Adoja and four kids...
Van Vicker, his wife Adoja and three kids…Photo: Twitter

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