Monday, 18 November 2013

25-year old Ugandan launches social networking platform

A 25-year old Ugandan Computer Science graduate, Julius Sseremba has launched a social networking platform called Elitehive.
According to Ugandan newspaper The Observer, Elitehive is a social networking application where people can connect, chat, share photos/videos and get news.

Already being described as the Ugandan version of Facebook, the site was created by the graduate of Makerere University, who presently works with BizTalk Systems Uganda Limited as a systems developer.

‘We developed our own Ugandan alternative to global social networks (with) unique features. For instance, we have a feature called Hive where all the public content is pushed. People can get real-time newsfeeds on education, politics, entertainment, sports, etc.’ Sseremba says.

Activated in April this year, the site already has 2,000 members with at least 500 active daily users, from 20 different countries.

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