Saturday, 2 November 2013

‘I’m just visiting’, Zara returns to Nigeria, attends Iyanya’s birthday

Zara Gretti is currently in Nigeria – the ailing Pop singer who’s been in the US for over a year treating Multiple Sclerosis returned a few weeks ago to Lagos to meet with her family.
‘I’m only visiting, I’ll be returning pretty soon‘, Zara told our reporter over the phone.

Fans and friends were surprised to see her when she paid Iyanya a visit yesterday, Thursday, October 31, 2013 at his birthday gig which went down at B-Hive Cafe, Lekki 1. ‘I didn’t really attend, I just waited outside to greet him‘, Zara explains.

Despite her condition, Zara says she been going out – visiting and meeting with old friends. She says she hasn’t been visiting any hospitals in Nigeria.

It’s been a troubling time for Zara who at a point while battling the disease contemplated suicide. ’It’s funny how you think nobody cares until you meet complete strangers who know you and are extra nice‘.

She will be travelling to Abuja this weekend and will head back to Maryland, US before November ends.

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