Thursday, 3 October 2013

Helicopter pilot chasing his hat killed by rotor blades during Pennsylvania fair

A pilot died after giving rides to people at a Pennsylvania fair.

Many people love riding a helicopter as the view from high above ground is magnificent.

Carl Enlow, 69, a pilot with 50-years experience, was killed when he was hit by the rotor Friday night at the Bloomsburg Fair.

“The helicopter was refueling when Enlow spoke with the pilot, who was taking over the shift,” The fair's superintendent of police and parking, Bill Barratt, said.

Suddenly, Enlow’s hat flew off his head. As he reached to grab the hat he was hit by the rotor of the helicopter.
“Enlow was an experienced pilot, having flown helicopters for 50 years, including in the military,” Barratt said.

Friend’s said that Enlow enjoyed helping other people, and that last year he fulfilled the last wish of a six-year-old girl battling with cancer by taking her for a ride on his helicopter.

“He was a sweet man with a heart of gold, we appreciated everything he did,” Dawn Kingston said.
Enlow worked for Rotors Heritage, which has been providing helicopter tours since 1993, and is a popular attraction at the fair. Enlow is survived by his wife Connie Enlow, two sisters and a brother.

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