Thursday, 3 October 2013

Meet the 52year old woman who tattooed Robert Pattinson & Twilight movie poster allover her body

52 year old Cathy Wardas has taken her love for the hit movie, Twilight to another lever.

Her first tattoo is an elaborate recreation of the film poster for New Moon as well as other characters in the movie.She says..

'We've got the book covers, we've got the ribbon, we've got the family crest, we've got the hairpiece, we've got the chessboard from Breaking Dawn, we've got the wolf tribal symbol,' she reveals.
'I've had five wolves done and one of the last things Jacob says to [Bella] when he realises he's lost her. He said: "It would be as easy as breathing with me".'

She states however that she is more interested in Edward, played in the films by Robert Pattinson, and is about to tattoo his face on her legs.

'Obviously, I'm Team Edward so most of my tattoos are of Edward,' she explains. 'I'm definitely a Robert Pattinson fan. I've had about 91 hours of tattooing now and it's costing a small fortune,'I've forked out just under £8,500 and by the time I'm finished, when [my] body's completely covered, we're looking at between £17,000 and £25,000.'

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