Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Toolz going off the market soon?

If there is any truth to the myth behind wedding bouquets, Toolz may be on her way to the altar anytime soon.

The popular Beat FM OAP, who was at the wedding of her friend, Vanessa Amadi in London, over the weekend, caught the bouquet when it was thrown into a crowd of spinsters.

It is usually believed that whoever catches the bouquet will definitely be the next spinster to walk down the aisle. Well, Toolz caught the bridesmaid’s bouquet, so it may not exactly be her turn next. Toolz and her beau, EME boss, Captain Tunde Demurem have been an item for a while now and this sure seems like a good sign that the relationship may be heading for the next step.

Congratulations Toolz…lol

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