Monday, 23 September 2013

Rock City FM Boss Fines Staff For Wishing Ruggedman Happy Birthday On Air

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Funny things they say will not cease to happen in Nigeria's 'Gateway State', Ogun State. Or how would you describe a show presenter being fined for wishing a celebrity happy birthday on air. It is only in Ogun State and its likes that such can happen. It will definitely not happen in 'Lasgidi', as Lagos, 'The Centre of Excellence' is fondly called.

Friday, September 20, 2013, was a day popular and controversial Nigerian rapper, Ruggedman added another year. In many radio stations in Lagos, he was wished a happy birthday while many blogs did same and even reported the 'birthday kiss' from another controversial being, 'Beverly Osu' to the rapper.

But for a radio presenter with Rock City FM in Abeokuta, Edward Fortune, fondly called Fawtchune Toh Badt, it was a fine of N40,000 he reportedly got from his boss for wishing Ruggedman a happy birthday.

You want to know the reason for that? Well, his angry boss reportedly claimed that what he did was a pure advert and was asked to pay for it. This was on the afternoon shift aired between 4-4.30pm.

We made effort to confirm this story directly from the unlucky radio presenter, but we were unable to do that. However, we were able to confirm this story through his twitter handle as he retweeted several tweets on this story, which gave us the clear indication that the 'bizarre', but funny incident actually happened, as our informant had informed us.

Now you don't wonder again why it happened in Abeokuta, which literally means 'under the rock'. Decode or decipher that.

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