Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Ice Prince fires back at Rukus: ‘You can never ever murder me on anything’

Rukus_Ice Prince

Ice Prince has reacted to a recent diss song directed at him and three other Nigerian rappers by Trybe Records artiste Rukus.

Rukus had earlier bashed Ice Prince on his new freestyle ‘The list‘ questioning his lyrical ability. ‘Ice Prince, you that function guy, why the hell are your punches dry? I am transforming while you are underperforming. You don’t believe in no bars, I swear this n***a is murmuring‘.

Obviously pained by this diss, Mr Zamani went on to Twitter to address Rukus’ opinion about him. ‘You can drop 20 songs now and they still might not blow. If I drop 10 tweets about you, you’ll get an NEA nomination next year‘. Then adds ‘Nice raps but don’t start your career dissing me, Naeto, Vector or anyone else u intend to. You can never ever murder me on anything‘.

While promoting his new single with French Montana, Ice Prince goes on to mock Rukus, asking his fans to download the rapper’s music. ‘So instead of focusing on my new single today. I will promote @Rukuslive for Charity #TeamRukuslive‘.

Rukus has also replied Ice Prince tweets saying that they should jump on a track to see who’ll do better.
o better.

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