Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Police show up after woman begs boyfriend to stop farting

Police officers rushed to the scene of what was reported as a domestic violence incident.

However, when they arrived at the scene, the police officers had a good laugh as the domestic violence dispute turned out to be the woman's dramatic reaction to her boyfriend, who was passing gas.

Turns out that a concerned neighbor, who lives in the same apartment complex in Clawson, Michigan, called police after hearing what sounded like a domestic violence dispute between a woman and her boyfriend.

The neighbor heard a woman screaming repeatedly "Stop! No." The neighbor thought the woman was possibly being beaten, Clawson police chief Harry Anderson said.

Officers take domestic disputes very seriously and they arrived at the residence within minutes. When they knocked at the door of the home, the woman answered the door and was surprised to see the officers.

When she was questioned by the officers, about her screaming she replied that she had indeed been yelling at her boyfriend to stop farting.

"The woman said her boyfriend had continued to pass gas, and she yelled at him to stop," Anderson said.
The officers then "cleared the scene quickly," the police report jokingly states.

This is not the first time police were called over a boyfriends passing gas. In another incident, Deborah Ann Burns, 37, of Florida, was arrested for stabbing her boyfriend in the stomach after he farted in her face.

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