Friday, 6 September 2013

Rihanna pays UFO watcher for alien updates

Rihanna seen leaving Da Silvano in New York with which looks like the largest pair of earrings she could find. She posed for photographs with fans and signed autographs before leaving with friends. Photo: Bangshowbiz

The 25-year-old singer is ‘convinced’ extra terrestrial beings exist and allegedly pays a sky scanner in the Mojave Desert, California, to give her information on sightings. A source told the Daily Star newspaper:

‘Rihanna has always been convinced aliens will land on Earth in her lifetime. ’So she started using the man, who calls himself a sky scanner, to give her information from Nevada on anything that relates to sightings.’

The pair keep in touch from the Little A’Le’Inn, a restaurant and motel in Nevada, which is famous for its ‘alien burger.’ The source explained: ‘He keeps in touch with her from the Little A’Le’Inn – a motel which hosts UFO hunters. ’It’s also near one of the world’s most secret government bases, Area 51. This isn’t a fad for Rihanna, she is a total believer and doesn’t mind spending her money on it to get results.’

Rihanna previously confessed that she has used to spend time gazing at the sky when she was a child living in Bridgetown, Barbados, in order to spot an alien invasion.

She previously said: ‘My dad [Ronald Fenty] used to make me sit outside on the steps all night long looking for UFOs flying by, and I had to do that for years.’


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